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The Speedtiller® is a high-performing disc-tilling machine used for superior soil conditioning.

It handles heavy crop residue with ease, making it an excellent finishing tool for leveling and one pass seedbed preparation. The K-line offers superior penetration.

It can effectively increase carbon content, and drastically reduce soil erosion from wind and water.  


Digs like a disc, finishes like a finisher

– the only true dual-purpose tool!

K-Line Ag Speedtiller®

K-Line 41ft
Adjustable Disk System Results



Front row of discs can be adjusted laterally for total soil disturbance, disc wear compensation and maximum weed control.

Speedtiller Soil diagram


No lateral adjustment, leaving ridges under the soil unworked.

Variable Roller Down Pressure
Variable Roller Down Pressure

Dual Operating System set to float or fixed mode

Variable Roller Down Pressure

Variable Roller Down Pressure

Folding sides for easy transport.

Adjustable wing down pressure, unique to the K-Line Powerflex®.

Variable Roller Down Pressure
Variable Roller Down Pressure

Float mode for exceptional ground work on uneven terrain.

Wider spacing between front and rear discs for increased trash flow.

Variable Roller Down Pressure

Speedtiller® Features

Watch this video to see the Speedtiller® in action

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